Don't stress the Holidays

Cut the clutter, tackle the big stuff first like cleaning, prepare the guest rooms and “things to do”, create a chore chart to stay organized, and simplify your décor!

Kids trick or treat on Halloween night.
Cleaning: Prepare your kitchen! Set the tables, clean the microwave and ovens.

House guests: Prepare their rooms with made beds, spare sheets, towels and toiletries. Clear the room as much as possible with empty drawers and free surface space.
Add an extra homey touch with a welcome basket filled with a candle, a list of things to do, a thank you card for visiting, etc. The list goes on!

Decorating Christmas tree with a loved one.
Chore chart: Keep up with your home through the holidays with a chore chart to tackle the big things and keep a running list of the little things to stay organized. This will help maintain time management and help maintain priority.

Décor: Through the holidays, think themes – You can simplify your decorating by simple choosing color palettes and accents – you could link the accent blog here too! – (ex: red and green for Christmas. Orange and black for Halloween, etc.) – Set the mood with holiday candles. (pumpkin spice for Halloween/thanksgiving. Cedar pine or baking scents for Christmas, etc)

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