How to Fashion a Bed

Start with a foundation – We spend 1/3 of our lives in our beds – make sure to get a great mattress (I know a good place for one of those) frame, and good sheets – definitely worth the investment in your long-term health

Modern scandinavian sunny bedroom with plants , floral pattern bedding and pillows.

Space with white walls and eco decor. A bed with a mint plaid.
We say in terms of fashioning a bed, go with a solid neutral color as your base.

White or neutral sheets – add in patterns and prints and colors later in the layering.

White bed with a lot of cushions and grey chair, mirror, cupboard, posters and rug in cozy and adorable bedroom interior for a young woman
Layer up next – First over the sheets, a light coverlet, then a quilts and then a duvet to create an inviting bed. You can add varying textures and prints/patterns here if you like.

PILLOWS – Match your shams to your duvet and put those behind your day to day pillows. There is no limit or perfect number to accent pillows from here – It all comes down to preference. I have 3 on my bed. 2 that match in size and one small one to go in the very front but all three are different patterns/textures with matching color schemes.

Finishing touches – you can add finishing touches to the bed like a folded throw at the foot of the bed. You can add a tray to the bed with your nightly books and a candle or even a picture frame. Even small accessories on your bedside table paired with a lamp creates a cozy setting.

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