It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the worst time to wander into a store for milk or socks and see all the cute holiday decor for sale. It’s way too easy to walk in for something you actually need and leave with a bunch of miniature woodland creatures in hats and scarves to put… somewhere. And some more decorative trees and signs and wreaths. So rather than let myself go totally wild for all the cute decorations crowding stores this time of year, I decided I would create a simple design rule for how I would decorate my house for the Holidays. Here are three easy decor styles that are adaptable, flexible, and easy to make your house feel holiday-ready and chic.


    1. Farmhouse
      You don’t have to have a TLC makeover show (or even shiplap) to get a farmhouse-inspired-decor look for the holidays. Since modern farmhouse style leans heavily on whites and naturals, any holiday decor inspired by the trend will really work anywhere. And it doesn’t have to be explicitly farmhouse modern to fit your decor. Keep an eye out for white accent pieces, like all-white bottle brush pine trees and chunky knit blankets and stockings. Since snow is synonymous with the season, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding lots of white and pine pieces, from ornaments to runners. Mix in green and black, and even pops of red, but keep other colors to a minimum. Gingham in green or red has a classic feel and can be incorporated into a tree skirt, pillow, or runner. The main thing is to make the color the exception, not to rule, so it really sticks out.Modern farmhouse is all about natural and vintage materials like wood and ceramics, which you can find in lots of holiday decor. The more subdued tones also mean that you can have some fun with other greenery, not just pine: Myrtle, olive leaves, and eucalyptus bring natural pops of green while feeling unexpected and grown-up.
    2. Glam
      If the farmhouse style feels a bit too drab for you, don’t be afraid to let loose. Rather than going with traditional reds and greens, go for all things shiny. Aside from cheap tinsel, there are lots of ways to mix and match metallics this time of year. Just about anything that can be shiny and glittery will be: service platters, wreaths, and, of course, the star on the top of the tree. You can choose to go with one hue, like gold or silver, but I think it’s more fun to mix it up. It will feel less matchy-matchy and give you lots more options. It may feel over-the-top the rest of the year but hey, it’s Christmas.Sticking with icy white sparkle lights is definitely the go-to move here, on your tree and anywhere else you might drape them. And if you’re feeling really bold, consider getting a faux Christmas tree in a bold color like silver or brass. Find other ways to use light as well, like by sprinkling votives or tapers around to give the place a shimmery hue.
    3. Midcentury Eclectic
      If all this talk of coordination is overwhelming, then I say just go classic Christmas: the fire engine red and forest green, nutcrackers, the whole nine yards. It may seem timeless, but it’s really a nod to Christmases past, and can have a fun, vintage feel. An easy way to navigate shopping for this design style is to stay away from anything too monochromatic or too shiny: Look for bold, simple colors and designs that wouldn’t be out of place in your parent’s or grandparent’s house. There’s lots of vintage-inspired ornaments, signs, and accent pieces out there, but you can also limit yourself from going too overboard by setting limits to things that are homemade, passed down, or in another way meaningful, like ornaments from vacations. There are a number of ways you could go with this, and it’s a great option for people who love vintage decor year-round as well as anyone who might not appreciate kitsch 365 but won’t mind a heavy dose of it at the holidays.


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Mia, The Furniture Girl

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