The spring cleaning urge always hits me around this time of year. After I finally get the dust bunnies out from under the couch and organize the drawers again, another urge hits: The lesser-known spring redecorating bug. If you’ve ever looked at a newly-organized room with new eyes and wanted to make a change, you’re not alone. But since I can’t buy a new couch every April, I try to find easy ways to refresh my home: with accents. Adding accent pieces, like lamps, trays, or even sentimental items, can bring new life into a room. It’s kind of like adding a new coat of paint, but without having to add tape to your entire trim first. Here are some of my favorite ways to do a space refresh with accent pieces.

1. Use What You Have
First, think about what you already have that can go from clutter to decor. A stack of books in the same color, for example, looks great on a coffee table or desk. Bowls that normally are saved for serving can be used as catch-alls or filled with decorative items. Favorite souvenirs from trips can be framed or even displayed in a shadowbox for a one-of-a-kind piece.

The Oliver Sandstone Sofa styled alongside some chic coffee table books for example is a great way to showcase some of your favorite reads in a clean, decorative way.

2. Gather Together
When adding accents to a room, I like to create little tableaus. Rather than just placing things alone, they look much more purposeful gathered together. I like to use a “rule of threes” to set a scene with items like a candle, vase, or stack of books, for example. This can also be a great way to incorporate items you use all the time into a chic setting. A tray on my bedside table, for example, holds a favorite candle as well as lip balm and hand cream. The items stay close at hand and don’t look messy.

Take a page out of this room’s style set up, and rearrange your side tables to show off a plant, lamp, picture or other pieces of varying heights. (Featuring the Farmington Buff Sofa & Loveseat).

3. Play With Levels
Whether you’re grouping items on a shelf or table, think about ways you can play with levels. A vase with some dried flowers, for example, or a small planter, adds visual interest to a surface and keeps it from just looking like a row of unrelated things. Picture frames, candles, and decorative objects all work great here. You can also combine similar items, like different vases or candles at different heights, to create attractive groupings.

Take a page out of this room’s style set up, and rearrange your side tables to show off a plant, lamp, picture or other pieces of varying heights. (Featuring the Manning Counter Height 6 Piece Dining Set).

4. Fill Your Walls
Changing or adding to wall hangings couldn’t be easier, but we often forget that a certain painting’s location isn’t set in stone. Reorganizing a gallery wall, or playing with new groupings, is an instant makeover. Mixing in unexpected items to a gallery wall, like an interesting mirror or a tapestry, can add texture to a room. If your walls are looking a bit drab, try one of my favorite quick gallery wall ideas: Buy multiples of the same frame and add postcards, snapshots, or even drawings from your kids. Mix and match and have fun with it. Then hang the pictures in a grid or row. Because the frames match, it will look like a chic gallery wall.

Experiment with the way you hang your wall art. (Featuring the Nemoli Slate Sofa & Loveseat).

5. Add Some Green
Spring is also the perfect time of year to add some new plants to your home. Even houseplants go through dormant seasons in the winter. In the spring, the increased light and warmth often means the beginning of growing season and that they’ll adjust to a new space more easily. You can go small, with a new succulent at your desk, or big, with a massive parlor palm in the living room. Just make sure you know the proper light and water for each plant. But even the dimmest rooms can be good homes for the right kind of plant, and many gorgeous varieties thrive in indirect light.

Whether you choose to add a small plant on the windowsill, or a larger potted plant, a little greenery can really brighten up the room and make your space feel warm and relaxing. (Featuring the Crossing Smoke Sectional).

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– Mia, the Furniture Girl

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