Add some color to your space with these 5 tips and tricks!

Whenever a new color starts trending, it can be easy to pin and save the various rooms of your dreams but harder to know where to start. A full-on renovation might be too expensive — or just too much to begin with. After all, a sage green kitchen can look great scrolling through Instagram, but what about when you have to look at it every day? Plus, many colors we’re seeing gaining popularity now, like yellow, can feel intimidating. If you’re itching to try out a new trend, here are some of my favorite ways to start. Bonus: They all work great together, so you can slowly build color or start with two or more ideas to make a visual impact. 

1. Look Down 

Rugs are one of the easiest ways to introduce a new color to your space and also one of the easiest ways to make a bold statement. It can add color and texture and, if broken up with couches, tables, or beds, are often kept from becoming too overwhelming. You can look for a busy pattern that incorporates a color or a monochromatic option. To keep one-color rugs from being too intense, look for ones with varying textures or underlying patterns, like with overdyed rugs. 

Celestial Sealife Rug

2. Try An Easy DIY

Repainting a room is a lot of work—but you can get a similar effect for a lot less work if you’re crafty. You can start with an accent wall or even go smaller. Paint the back of a bookcase, for example, or an old side table. A trip to the thrift store can provide more inspiration: Get different wooden frames and paint them one color or glass vases. Unexpected details like this will help the new color feel fresh for years.

3. Find A Good Pairing

To keep a new color from overwhelming your space too much, it can also be helpful to find a complementary hue to balance it out. That way, when you get a yellow blanket, you’ll know to pair it with some grey pillows, for example. It allows the new color to pop while still maintaining harmony.

4. Get Cozy

Blankets and pillows are some of the easiest ways to add color and are easily stored if you ever want to change things up seasonally. It’s also one reason I often recommend people get couches in more neutral shades, like beiges and greys, that will go with a variety of different textiles. If you’re willing to go a little bigger, an accent chair or two is often a great way to add in new color. A matching pillow or blanket on the couch will pull everything together.

Hollyn Living Room Set

5. Frame it

I love eclectic gallery walls because it allows your collection of art to grow over time. But if you want to make a significant impact, look for prints that are mostly one color. The internet is an endless treasure trove of artists’ prints to search, and many can be customized to fit your space and budget. Get an oversized print or even create an entirely new gallery wall of prints with one color in common. If you’re going the gallery wall route, keeping frames the same (I like simple black frames!) helps it feel cohesive. 

Berber Cream Living Room

As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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