OK, we know the typical resolutions: Workout more, eat healthier, remember to floss. Those are all well and good. But I also like to pick a resolution that feels a little less like work. Here are a few resolution ideas that can bring some joy into your home in 2021.

    1. Accessorize Intentionally
      Knick-knacks. Tchotchkes. Baubles. They don’t get a lot of respect, but, in my opinion, it’s what really makes your space feel like yours. But it can also fee intimidating: You don’t want everything to feel disjointed and cluttered, either. To create some guidelines, think of a category of decorative items you want to add to your home: Is it more plants? Vintage candlesticks? Souvenirs from travels? Throughout the year, as you shop, keep an eye out for those items. Done right, it’s a low-cost way to personalize your home and gather special things throughout the years from different places.
    2. Dedicate A Space For You
      I love a room reno, but that’s not always in the budget. So set a goal to create a small space, whether it’s a desk for a home office or a workout zone or craft area. You can start small with inexpensive organizers and baskets, or go big with a new chair or lamp. The goal is to make it a place you want to be, and a place where you can focus on yourself.
    3. Grow a Gallery Wall
      Wall art can be another low-cost way to make a big impact on a room. These days, there are so many places to get fun, unique art on a budget. I even like framing work from my kids, mementos from travels, and even (carefully) torn-out pages of vintage art books. If your walls need some pizzaz, resolve to spend the year keeping an eye out for unique pieces to add to an eclectic gallery wall. Rather than looking for a few big pieces, simply add things as you find them. Stick to standard sizes as much as possible so you can frame it immediately and get it up. Just remember, nothing’s permanent: It’s fairly easy to move things around, and cover up old nail holes, as your collection grows.
    4. Use it and Lose It
      Save the full declutter for spring cleaning. Instead of stressing out about what goes in the donate pile, start January off by taking stock of the things you use up, whether it’s beauty products or pantry items. Set a goal to use up all the frozen veggies knocking around or various cleaning sprays under the sink. Take quick stock of body products like lotions in the bathroom and actually try to use them up. As a motivator, you can put a moratorium on buying things you already have. You’ll be clearing out space and being less wasteful.
    5. Make Eco-Friendly Swaps
      Most of us can make a few easy swaps that are better for the environment. committing to wash clothes with cold water, for example, is a huge one. Try out zero-waste products like a shampoo bar, or try lowering the heat in the winter by a degree. The trick here is to find small changes that you can get used to. Once it’s a part of your routine, you can add new swaps. It’s one of those oddly addictive things that can also get easier with time. Start small, and you’ll be composting by 2022.


Live beautifully today,


Mia– the Furniture Girl

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