1. Room Partitions

2020 had many of us rethink our floor plans. Guest rooms became offices, and kitchen tables became classrooms. We learned the hard way that “open floor plan” doesn’t always mean open and inviting. While that left many people itching to do full-on renovations, there are still creative ways to divide a space for those who don’t have the budget. I’m predicting we’ll see more room dividers hit the market in the coming years, but if you want a quicker fix, consider using backless bookcases that will look good from all angles. Decorative screens and curtains also work as a quick DIY fix. 

Dannerville bookcase

2. Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are big every fall, but my guess is we’ll start seeing them year-round, too. If you went full-on farmhouse modern at the height of the craze, don’t worry. Many farmhouse standards are the perfect base for a dose of color. Maybe it’s updating the wall color or curtains to a warm amber or even deep grey or adding new throw pillows or accent chairs to your living space. Rugs and blankets are also an excellent way to warm up a space too. And speaking of blankets…

Telluride Counter Height 6 Piece Dining Set

3. Chunky knits 

Another way we’re warming up our space is with oversized, textural knits. This is another super easy update: Consider adding a textured blanket to your bed or couch, for example. You can also look for throw pillows and even rugs made out of a similarly cozy material. The secret is to look for ways to make more of your home feel like a giant blanket and then snuggle up till spring. 

4. Dark Accents

Another home-warming trend that shows no sign of stopping: dark accents. Picture deep green, grey, or even black touches throughout the home. The easiest way to do this (if you’re not afraid of a bit of DIY) is to paint some of an all-white kitchen. Sage green or even a dark blue can make your kitchen feel a bit more homey and less stark. It’s also an easy way to get some of the English country kitchen vibes I’m predicting will get even bigger in 2022 and beyond.

Karma Slate Accent Chair

5. The 70s

If dark accents and warm neutrals are perfect trend upgrades for anyone with a farmhouse or minimalist space, consider the 70s the breath of fresh air that midcentury spaces need. The bold, bright, 70s-inspired decor has been taking off in a big way and often feels like more playful, bold takes on preceding designs. Since the 70s weren’t too far off from the era of the classic mid-century modern designers, many silhouettes in furniture remain the same. So starting with a structured couch or MCM dining table, you can add elements to bring some color and fun into your home. Macramé hangings, wicker furniture and baskets, rattan, palm patterns, and more can be quick ways to bring some of the disco era into the 21st century. 

Hadley Charcoal Sofa

As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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