Do you have a green thumb? Do you have the time? Well, if you do not have either one, it may be best to go for faux plants. They look real and can be very chic. They add color to home or office and are great for décor. Now you may want to go green, but there are a couple things to consider.

  • Does your home or office have enough light?
  • Do you have a healthy environment for your plant?

Whether you decide to go for the real deal or the replica, a study shows that the imagery of plants in a home or office reduces stress and improves your mood. It also produces creativity and productivity and gives people a sense of calmness. Though we may be opposed to replicas, faux plants are low maintenance, you are more likely to have them longer, and you can place them anywhere in your office or home.

Whether you choose to purchase real plants or faux plants, the question remains, where to place them? If you are decorating your office there are a few main spots; on the corner of your desk, in a bookcase, a coffee or side table, and if it a very large plant then in a corner of your office. These are very obvious and visual places that allow you to obtain the benefits of your plants. As for your home, the options are limitless. They are great for any room; kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and even a bathroom. Place your plants either on a coffee table, use it as the center piece for your dining table, place them on shelves, at the entrance of your home, or a bookcase. No matter where you place them, this will be a great addition! So start sprucing up your place with some green!

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