This month, Georgia Furniture Mart is honoring our local heroes with a dream bedroom contest. You can read the full details (and nominate a hero!) about Sleep Beautifully Tonight on the contest page. It’s such a great way to recognize some of the hardest working, most deserving people in our community in a way that really matters. As your mom probably reminded you (and maybe you now tell your own kids), we spend about a third of our days asleep. And beyond just snoozing, our bedrooms often act as our sanctuaries from the world. We all deserve a bedroom that can give us just that.

When I think about what it means to sleep beautifully, I think about an experience that is restful and regenerative. It lets you destress from the day and sets you up for a better tomorrow. Our local heroes deserve that, but really, we all do. And while we often want the best for others, we can become convinced that it’s ok if we ourselves do without. But to prove how much a good night’s sleep matters, here are some facts I’ve uncovered. Not having the best night’s sleep right now? Consider investing in a new mattress, bed, or bedroom set from GFM.

You Spend 26 Years of Your Life in Bed

Ok, I know the ‘eight hours a day’ line gets tossed around a lot, but think about it this way: Over time, that adds up to 26 years of your life for the average person. When you’re talking about actual years, it makes a good mattress a no-brainer. 

A Good Mattress Improves Your Sleep

One study found that a new bed can improve your sleep quality by 62%, and reduce back pain by 55.3% in just a four-week period. In other words, you’ll be sleeping better and longer and have less pain when you wake up. That’s 24 hours of benefits, not just 8.

Better Sleep Has So Many Health Benefits

You know you feel better when you sleep better, but so does science. Good sleep is linked to so many positive outcomes, like better focus, healthier eating habits, and even a lowered risk of heart disease. 

Mattresses Probably Have A Shorter Lifespan Than You’d Expect

A mattress is also not just a one-and-done deal. Unless you’re buying a latex mattress, which has a very long lifespan, most require replacing at least every decade. That’s how often experts recommend replacing memory foam or foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses actually should be replaced every five. Even if you were in love with your mattress when you got it, you may want to consider trying out a new mattress. After all, you’re not likely to notice slow changes over many years. Just like with getting a new pair of shoes, you’ll be surprised what a difference a new mattress can make. 

How Your Bedroom Looks Matters, Too 

While sleep problems can come from a number of issues (and you should absolutely see a doctor for serious ones!), even something as simple as updating your bedroom décor can make a difference. In fact, many experts will say all five senses play a factor in sleep. If you don’t feel relaxed in your bedroom because the décor is outdated or not to your liking, that’s going to affect how you feel about going to sleep. On the other hand, having a room that’s laid out to optimize sleep and feels inviting is going to help you wind down and sleep better.

As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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