HOW TO; Host a Dinner Party

To start the process one must have proper arrangements for the dinning table!!There are so many ways to set a table and most people customize their dinner setting to the type of event they are having!!

Here is the most basic way to set a dinner table for a casual event: Optional placemat, Dinner plate, Salad plate, Fork, Salad fork, Knife, Spoon, Water Glass and Napkin

Group Of People Dining Concept

Placemat with dinner plate centered over it.

Salad plate on top of dinner plate.

Napkin to left of the plate, place dinner fork closest to the plate and salad fork to the left of the dinner fork

Right of the plate, place knife with blade pointing in directly to right of plate. Spoon to the right of the knife.

Water glass slightly above the plate – in between the plate and utensils at the 1:00 on a clock.

Wine Glass top right of the water glass should you choose to offer wine.

*Get creative – add your own spin on the table setting by adding greenery, candles, place setting tags, etc. The sky is the limit!

NEXT; Have a look at your wall space

Are you making the best use of your space for said party?

Maybe adding a photo booth could bring vibrancy and life to a drab dinner party!

All of your guest get to leave with a tangible memory!


The greatest parties I’ve ever been to have places for everything! From coats to bread!

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