Hi, Mike the Furniture Guy here. I would like to introduce you to our newest team member – Meet Mia the Furniture Girl. Mia, I know why I’m the Furniture Guy — what makes you the Furniture Girl?

Well, Mike you know how some kids are into fashion, cars or sports? When I was growing up I loved decorating. I decorated my bedroom, my dollhouse, my friends rooms. . . I would cut out tons of magazine and newspaper pictures and paste them on the walls of my room – my mom was not too happy. Then, of course, Pinterest came along, and now, I suddenly have infinite space to save the things that inspire me, from paint colors to couch cushions to entire rooms.

There are so many styles out there: hollywood glam, mid-century, traditional, modern, farmhouse – and there is something to love about all of them. And these days mixing the styles is so fun; modern industrial, coastal farmhouse, etc . . .Having a home to showcase each of them would be my ultimate dream, but it might give guests a little whiplash. So, until the day I can afford a house for all my different styles (hey, a girl can dream, right?) I want to share everything I’ve learned with other people. With all the styles, variety, accessories and lighting options available at Georgia Furniture Mart, I can help anyone and everyone regardless of style or budget – it’s so exciting.

Mike: Wow, I love the enthusiasm Mia. What information or lessons are you ready to share with our customers?

I have friends and family members who ask me to help pick out rugs, furniture, lamps, wall art, etc . . ., and I get it! It can be overwhelming. No one teaches you how to pick out throw pillows for instance. My first question used to be. . . “What kind of style are you going for?” Sometimes they would know right away. But sometimes, they had no idea! Now, my questions are more about how you use your home and what “feel” you want to have in your home? Are you or you and your family more relaxed and casual? Do you entertain often? And if so, who do you entertain – family, friends or business associates? Do you want to be inspired by your space? cozy? invigorated? Do you want open, airy and bright? Or do you prefer warm, cozy, earth and jewel tones? Once we figure that out, then it’s about bringing together elements that deliver that use or feel.

You can pin and cut out perfect interiors forever. Having trends and styles as a guideline and point of inspiration is fun, but the most memorable and treasured homes are those that highlight the personality, interests and preferences of the people who live there. I love to help people, but I also think what I really do is help people articulate their style and then empower them to make choices and selections they will love, today, tomorrow and for many years after that.

So Mike, you could say I’m all about “living beautifully today!!”

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