Organize that clutter!

A lot of our customers have demographics that span to small homes/apartments to massive mansions!

In any form of living organizing is KEY.

There is nothing worse than not knowing where your things are and or not knowing how to operate in your own space.

Here are some tips and tricks from Georgia Furniture Mart to help guide you into a newly organized and rejuvenated space!

Use Boxes!!

With using something as small as boxes you can maintain closets, counters, tables, and shelves. Using boxes also allows you break the space up with different colors or textures!

Use Shelving!

Shelving can be a great way to insure your space feels full as well as putting away some chachki’s!

Use Proper Folding techniques!

Roll your t-shirts instead of folding flat!

Pack Away!

Packing away things that you know you won’t use until a certain time period!

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