The average tax refund changes from year to year, but it typically is around $2,000. While it’s technically money you overpaid in taxes, it can still feel like a freebie. It’s also a great excuse to invest in your home. Even if you want to save a chunk of it, or use it to pay down bills, earmarking as little as $100 for your space can be so impactful. It’s also a good way to prioritize those ‘someday’ purchases we kick down the road. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite buys at Georgia Furniture Mart right now that might not even cost you your whole tax refund.

  1. A New Dresser
    I’m a big fan of periodically sorting through clothes to donate or toss what you’re no longer wearing. But even the most edited closet can get crowded. If your drawers are stuffed to the gills, you’re probably not wearing (or seeing) a lot of your clothes. If you’re struggling to find a spot for all your clean clothes or arguing with a spouse or partner about drawer space, a new dresser really will change your life.
    Check out the Corbin Dresser →
  2. A Comfy Couch
    Sofas are one of our most versatile pieces of furniture: They’re our movie theaters, libraries, nap zones, and more. Plus, a new couch is an easy and practical way to update an entire room. Georgia Furniture Mart has a lot of great options at a range of prices, but I’m really loving this sofa chaise. It’s an updated take on a sectional that’s perfect for movie night, and the color will go with almost any existing design scheme.
    Check out the Abney Sofa Chaise →
  3. An Upgraded Desk
    If you’re still working at the kitchen table or couch, do yourself (and your back) a favor and get a nice desk. Even if you don’t have a designated office area, a desk like this simple farmhouse-style one can also double as a side table in a living room or bedroom. With two generous drawers and ample work space, you can spread out when you work from home then tuck everything away after hours.
    Check out the Carynhurst Leg Desk →
  4. A Large Rug
    Rugs are one of those things that aren’t strictly necessary but immediately add so much warmth and coziness to a room. I love rugs, so I’m guilty of putting one in just about every room in the house — even the dining room. This art deco-inspired rug could go about in just any room, too. The bold pattern is offset by neutral tones and can brighten up a room with darker furniture pieces or nicely complement a lighter color scheme.
    Check Out Our Large Area Rugs →
  5. A Statement-Making Bed
    Beds can do so much more than keep our pillows from sliding into the cracks. I love a bed that actually makes a statement on its own. This green metal headboard, for example, is so eye-catching you practically have a work of art behind your bed—no need to worry about adding wall art if you don’t want to. I also love the footboard on this unique bed. Not only do you have a place to perch as you put on socks and shoes, you get an unexpected storage space that can also work as functional decor. I love the idea of tucking some favorite books and mementos down there.
    Check out the Green Metal Headboard →

Explore all the great products we have in stock for more ways to spend your tax refund and get the most for your money.

And, as always, live beautifully today!


Mia, the Furniture Girl

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