Sherwin-Williams recently announced their 2021 color of the year — and the inspiration came at least partially from furniture. Urban Bronze, a deep, wintry hue, came from a number of places. According to Architectural Digest,


Initially inspired by everything from fall and winter looks seen at Paris Fashion Week to the browns of the 1970s, this standout color from Sherwin-Williams’s Sanctuary palette also has its roots in the tonal shifts that [director of color marketing) Sue Wadden and her team were seeing in the world of furniture. “One of our stylists works with a really luxurious furniture line, and they’re shifting their wood tones,” Wadden notes. “We’re just going to see that out and about in the world, so that’s how that theme came about and we realized [Urbane Bronze] was the right color.”

While it’s a deep hue, Urbane Bronze is surprisingly versatile: the rich tones make it an eye-catching neutral. This isn’t your parent’s brown shag rug; this feels current and sophisticated, but you don’t need to be intimidated. The earthy tones work wonderfully with lighter neutrals. Farmhouse and Scandinavian interiors have been trendy for years, but we tend to think of those spaces as being mostly whites and creams. An accent wall of Urbane Bronze will instantly warm up a space and make it feel fresh again.

Not ready to paint a wall? You can still pull bronze accents into your home. Like the paint named for it, bronze is versatile. Less flashy than gold decor, its understated nature is part of its charm. The darker color can also make a space feel cozier: even if you typically go for a bold, bright style, adding a little bit of deep color can make the space feel more grounded. Less stark than black, it’s still a deep enough color that you can match it with nearly anything. These bronze pieces from GFM are the perfect balance between laid-back and striking.

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