The littlest people in your life are also the biggest part of your life. So, of course, you’ll want their rooms to feel special too. When decorating a kid’s room, I like to mix the practical with the playful to create something that will grow up with them and reflect their budding personalities. Here are my top six tips for decorating a kid’s room, no matter what their age. 

Get Them Involved

As much as possible, I like to get my kid’s input when designing their room. It can be as simple as choosing between paint colors and comforter options or picking a theme together. And don’t think a theme requires you to go out and buy a bunch of branded merchandise for their favorite TV shows. You can keep it more subtle than wall-to-wall Paw Patrol. Instead, you can subtly incorporate some dog-themed art, for example. 

Start Basic

There’s a lot of room to have fun when decorating a kid’s room, but I always start basic. You want things that will last past this week’s latest favorite color or show. Solid basics, like the ones sold at GFM, will grow up with them as their tastes change. By keeping the walls and furniture more neutral, you’re free to switch out posters and bedspreads as tastes change and kids grow.

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Add Lots of Storage

“Clean your room” is probably something you’re used to saying a lot. This is why I encourage any parent decorating a kid’s room to keep storage top of mind. Storage cubes, bins, and baskets are your friends. Some storage can even be décor: You can get display shelves for favorite books, for example, or have a cubby hole for each beloved stuffed animal. 

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 Keep It At Their Height

When setting up the room, just remember that “eye-level” means their eye level. Kid’s furniture aside, art, shelves, and storage should also be lower. If they have a closet, consider adding a second, lower hanging rod that they can reach for storing clothes. And don’t forget kids love to just hang out on the ground: Sometimes, a bean bag or soft floor cushion is going to be more comfortable (and get more use) than an armchair.

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Display Treasures & Keepsakes

You probably don’t even need to go shopping if you’re looking for wall art for a kid’s room. Many things you already have on hand, like family pictures, art projects, and little league trophies, are perfect for gallery walls and perching on shelves. If you raise a budding collector, you can also find creative ways to display things like shells, stamps, and dolls. You can also help them create a rotating gallery of their own by hanging string or wire with clips. 

Be Playful

There are also many inexpensive elements you can add to your child’s room that up the kid-appeal in a big way. Extra-soft rugs and blankets can make playtime cozy, a canopy can make a little girl feel like a princess. A chalkboard wall, art table, or teepee might be out of place in an adult’s room, but that’s the point. Childhood is fleeting, so let them make the most of it.

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As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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