The end of summer means one thing: Gameday is back. Football season is practically a second religion in Georgia, whether it’s SEC or NFL. So if you’re planning on hosting a few game day parties of your own this fall, read on for my tips for throwing the ultimate get-together. 

1. Prep Ahead

Gameday is about the game, but it’s really about the food. And the food is all about comfort. Classics like wings, pizza, and burgers are all commonplace fare. While none of these areas are hard to cook up as a Thanksgiving dinner, it can still be easy to get carried away. Don’t stress out about getting everything hot and ready at the exact perfect time. Instead, do a little strategic planning: I try to do one thing that can be prepped the night before, like a dip or pigs in a blanket, something that can be put in a slow cooker in the morning, and something I can prep right before kick-off, like nachos. Add a few store-bought things like chips and cookies, and you’ve got a spread that anyone will be envious of. 

Hallishaw Bar

2. Show Your Pride

I like to incorporate team colors into the décor, but maybe not in the way you’d think. Rather than invest in some official merch, which tends to be expensive, I like to find cheap and cheeky ways to include colors. Inexpensive bunting made from cardboard and some twine, for example, can be tossed at the end of the party with no guilt. Balloons in team colors are another cheap way to look festive. Matching the team colors to disposable plates and cups is another great way to do it — and it helps you save on clean-up!

3. Make Cleanup A Breeze

And speaking of clean-up, easy is the name of the game. I try to go with paper cups and plates as often as possible and make sure there’s an easily accessible trash option in the room to encourage a little clean-up-as-you-go mentality. Prepping food ahead of time also helps keep post-game clean-up to a minimum. For example, if you want to cut down on leftovers, offer guests Tupperware to pack up some of their favorite snacks for lunch the next day. This is also a great way to get rid of those take-out containers that tend to multiply! 

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4. Tidy Strategically

Aside from simple decorations and some delicious snack food, there’s not much you need to do to prep for a game day party. But one thing I always recommend is to make sure all surfaces are cleared. Coffee table books, vases, plants, favorite throws: Tuck them all away safely, so the errant knocked-over cup doesn’t ruin it. You may also want to consider putting a disposable or inexpensive tablecloth down on the coffee table to avoid water stains.  

5. Take It Outside

If it’s warm, consider taking the party outside. A good projector and some comfy chairs are all you need, and it matches the casual mood of game day perfectly. You can also incorporate some fun lawn games, like cornhole, for anyone who isn’t as big into football. Bonus: Your house won’t get as dirty.


6. Upgrade Your Set-Up

For the ultimate upgrade, look no further than GFM. Their sectionals and recliners were made for game days. Many even come with cup holders, storage, and USB charging functions for the peak TV-watching experience. If you’re going to get a new high-def TV for all that weekend football glory, you can also shop GFM’s TV stands and hutches. Win or lose, you’ll be watching in comfort now and for years to come. 

Isabella Sand Sofa

As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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