January is the beginning of a new year, but spring is really when many of us feel ready to take on new things: new projects, new goals, and new trends. Spring is also a time of renewal, which is appropriate for many of these trends. Many are building off existing designs and movements and taking them in bold new directions. If you’re looking for a fresh new start, or just ways to refresh your home, here are some of the hot new trends to be aware of. 

  1. Japandi 
    Scandinavian design trends have been around for a while, from the midcentury modern pieces inspired by Danish design to the fascination with the concept of hygge, a Scandinavian word that has no direct translation but implies coziness and comfort. Now, however, the often pared-back, minimalist Scandi style is being combined with Japanese design. Like its Nordic counterpart, Japanese design is often simple, function-focused, and harmonious, making the mixing of the two a natural option. If you like Scandi design but want to add some organic warmth, consider Japandi your next #designgoals. 
  2. Sustainability
    Reducing waste around the home has never been easier: New brands are popping up every day that reduce packaging and single-use items. While many products in recent years have focused on hygiene, with items like shampoo bars and plastic-free deodorant, expect to see more options for the home pop up, too. Cleaning products that don’t require packaging, for example, or refillable hand soap. Products made from recycled material are also going to become more common. 
  3. Home Wellness 
    As we still spend time at home, we want our spaces to look good but also make us feel good. That can range from a humidifier to a home gym. As our interest in these things peaks, designers are also responding with better-looking products. You can find an air filter, for example, that might be mistaken for a sculpture. You don’t have to go finding purpose-built items to incorporate wellness into your space, either. Getting a few attractive bins, for example, can help hide a home gym in the living room, bringing yoga class to you.  
  4. Rustic Chic 
    Mid-Century Modern style will never truly go away, but its hold on millennials is waning. Now, we’re seeing a return to the shabby chic style that ruled the early 2000s. But we’re taking what we learned in the past few years, too. Rather than reverting to totally sweet florals, today’s more traditional spaces use bolder, richer colors. It’s like a more earthy take on farmhouse modern, another one of the big trends that we’ve seen in home design. Rather than relying heavily on the interplay of contrasting white and black, however, a rustic chic space can make use of a variety of textures, woods, and finishes. 
  5. Gardening 
    Last year was the year of building fire pits and upgrading your outdoor seating. But now that the stage is set, people are going to be getting more and more into their landscape. Whether it’s adding new shrubs or building a vegetable garden, people are going to keep finding new ways to play in the yard. Spring is also the perfect time to get easy-to-grow plants and flowers in the ground, from decorative zinnias to BLT-ready tomatoes. If you’re unsure of where to start, even a small container garden with a few pots can be a good home for easy-to-grow summer produce like zucchinis, eggplants, and peppers. Gardening is also a project of many years: You can start a process of slow transformation a few beds at a time. 

As always, live beautifully today,

– Mia, the Furniture Girl

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