During these difficult times, entertainment has become an important part of our lives more than ever before. It is a way to relax and take our minds off things. As many of us have become accustomed to entertainment in forms movie theaters, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gyms, casinos, bowling alleys, and arcades we have now come to know a new reality. This reality consists of the confinements of our own homes. With this new limitation, some may find themselves frustrated and bored. However, our homes have endless possibilities.

Game Nights

Do you like board games? Do you prefer card games such as, Uno or poker? Or are you more into interactive online games? Regardless of the game you choose, this is a great way to stay entertained and connected with those around you. Set up your office, living room, or kitchen and have a night full of fun. Play Monopoly, Sorry, Uno, Scrabble, Fortnite, or any other game of your liking. Invite those closet to you and purchase some delicious drinks and snacks and you will be set!

Create Your Own Home Cinema

Depending on the amount of space you may have in your home that will determine how elaborate you may get into your cinema set up. If you do not have a complete fully furnished basement like me, then you might need to go simple and just create a mini theater in your living room. Start with turning off the lights, select a movie, grab some popcorn and candy, and you’re ready for your ultimate movie experience. And the best thing about this is no $15 admit fee.

Workout at Home

So you no longer have access to your leg extension machine or the treadmill, or even going to your Zumba classes at the gym. Luckily there are several programs that you can stream and download online. Whether you are a meditation yoga lover or into the hard core high intensity training, or simply a beginner and need a middle ground between the two, there is something out there for you. The great thing about working out from home, you can do it just about anywhere. If the weather is permitting, you may workout in the comfort of your backyard or your driveway. If it is a rainy day, you may prefer to workout in your garage or in your living room. Whichever you decide there is a place for you to stay fit and meet those summer body goals.

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