What Is Farmhouse Chic? The Trend All Over Instagram Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon! 

If you’ve been furniture shopping in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen the term “farmhouse chic” or “modern farmhouse.” The style really surged to popularity thanks to a certain smash hit TV redesign show, but these days, it’s everywhere. So what makes something ‘farmhouse chic?’ It’s a mix of existing styles, updated and brought into modern day. Like many trends, it’s a twist on past designs, in this case, traditional farmhouse and mid-century modern Scandavian design. Another way to think of it is that it combines rustic elements with minimalist design, keeping a space feeling light and airy without feeling cold and clinical. 

Farmhouse modern homes tend to have a fairly simply palette, usually with lots of neutrals with an accent color like black. Exposed wood, brick, and even industrial elements are common, as is salvaged materials and vintage accessories mixed in. Organic materials give it a rustic edge, but there isn’t the profusion of chintzy fabrics and floral patterns that you might find in a more traditional farmhouse design. 

I also love farmhouse design for its flexibility. Even if you don’t want to go full-on in on the trend, most farmhouse modern pieces can work in a number of spaces. You can take inspiration from the painted white wood often see in shelving and tables, for example, to make any space feel cleaner and more open. The focus on materials like ceramics and hand-blown glass can also be a way or organize decorating a space: Farmhouse modern accessories tend to be functional as well as beau, like copper cookware or hurricane glass candle holders. Items that mix rustic elements, like exposed wood, with industrial elements like metal, are also chameleons of design: You can put them in industrial, modern, and farmhouse spaces with ease. Ready to try the trend? Here are some of my favorite pieces from GFM that would look great in a farmhouse modern space — or any space. 


Traditional sofas as well as more Scandanvain-inspired styles both work great in Farmhouse Chic spaces. Just go for one with a muted palette, and avoid patterns. 


Servers, cabinets, sideboards, and other storage-minded accent furniture can often be found in farmhouse design. They often combine design with function, and can be great as media centers, kitchen islands, and dining room storage. This marble server also mixes a neutral palette and simple wooden design elements with an elevated marble top, making it the perfect blend of laid-back and chic. 


Functional elements like casters, visible rollers for doors, and exposed hooks also showcase hose form and function can work together to be beautiful. Plus, in the absence of excessive flourishes, these pared-back elements can also add a touch of design. These nesting tables are a great example of function and design: You can arrange the together or separate and move them as needed while still displaying your favorite coffee table books. 


Not everyone can get a barnhouse door in their space, but I love how this accent cabinet allows you to get in on the trend without a renovation project. Use it as an entryway table, sideboard, or even bedside table. The sliding door allows you to display what you want and subtly hide what you don’t. 


The plank wood painted white look is a classic Farmhouse chic design element. But I also love an all-white table set for a number of spaces. It helps keeps small dining areas from feeling too crowded, and the counter-style feels casual instead of fussy. 

As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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