It’s not just you, or us, or even America. Right now, furniture is hard to come by in many parts of the world. The short answer, the supply chain, is getting a lot of play right now on the news. But those two words represent a vast and complicated network of factories, businesses, and services that reaches all the way across the globe and into our local grocery stores, boutiques, and, of course, Georgia Furniture Mart.

Before 2020, the supply chain was invisible to many of us: The systems and people that could, for example, take timber and fiber and convert it into the raw materials for sofas that would then be assembled in Asia, shipped through California, then travel across the country to arrive to us worked so well, we only knew that it was easy to get a new sectional when we wanted it. But, like a regular chain, the supply chain only works when every link is in place. Right now, due to the pandemic, parts of the link are breaking down. If someone can’t assemble the furniture, or load it onto freighters, or process it through customs, the supply chain starts to break.

What is happening now is a perfect storm of all of that: Staffing shortages aren’t just a problem here, they’re a problem everywhere. To make matters worse, all this is paired with a rise in homeownership and improvement. Being stuck at home for much of 2020 drove many of us to want to improve and update our living space, which is, ironically, the exact reason it’s becoming increasingly hard to do just that. 

Unfortunately, global trends show that it’s going to get better before it gets worse. So what can we do? While the short answer is “not much,” here are some ways you can make the best of things while the global supply chain gets back to normal. 

Plan WAY Ahead

We are trained to wear our favorite pair of shoes into the ground before we go grab a new pair. The same is true for our furniture. But these days it’s just not realistic. If you are thinking you may want a new couch or table in the next six months to a year, consider ordering it now.

Stretch What You Have

If you’re waiting to upgrade a piece of furniture, find ways to make what you have last. Buy a couch cover, for example, or put a table cloth over a beat-up table. If you’re moving, think long and hard before tossing old, scuffed-up furniture in case you may be surprised with longer wait times when you get to your new place.

Update With Accents

If it’s a redecoration bug that’s bit you, consider easy ways to make a big change while you wait for that new anchor piece like a couch. A new coat of paint, for example, will brighten up your space. Accent pieces like new throw pillows and blankets can also be bought in anticipation of a new bed or couch arriving. Heck, even a quick furniture re-arrange can help make your old stuff feel “new” while you wait.

As always, live beautifully today!

-Mia, the Furniture Girl

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