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Talking Tables: Pedestal or Leg?

Choosing a dining room table isn’t simply about aesthetics. There are many different options to consider; material, shape, height, size. One choice that is often overlooked is that between a leg table and a pedestal base table. Each style has is positives and negatives, so which should you choose.

Leg tables:

These are the norm in the dining world. The majority of dining tables out there are leg tables. One of the main benefits of a leg table is how stable they are. With four points of contact with the floor, it creates a sturdy base that doesn’t shift or move. If you have small children, or adults that act like children, this is a good choice to provide a safe environment. If a child should pull down on the lip of the table or lean against the edge when reaching for something, there is little worry about the table flipping over.  One of the main drawbacks for this style of table is the limited seating arrangement. Due to the legs, chairs cannot be placed close to the corners, which limits the seating space. It also increases the wear and tear on your floors. The legs of the table prevent someone from simply turning to the side to exit the chair. They must instead slide their chair back in order to gain the room necessary to stand up.

Pedestal tables:

The benefits and drawbacks of this style table directly mirror those of the leg table.  They are more susceptible to tippling if weight or force is applied to the edge as you only have one central point of contact with the floor. This can be dangerous for homes with small children, especially if you choose a higher table style such as a counter height table. The main benefit to a pedestal base table is that it allows for freedom of seating. There are no legs to contend with so chairs can be moved or added wherever you like. It also reduces wear and tear on your floors as it does not require you to slide the chair back to stand up. Another benefit to a pedestal base is that by removing the legs, it creates the illusion of a larger room. The table itself may take up the same square footage, but without the legs, the room will seem more open.

It is important to carefully consider how you live on your dining room table. There are many options available that can provide specific benefits for each and every lifestyle. Be sure to check out our large selection of pedestal and leg tables in our showroom or on the web at

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