Breakfast in bed is great–but so fleeting (and so many crumbs!). Why not give mom the gift of many, many mornings of waking up to something nice? These upgrades will make a big difference for the mother in your life–whether it’s making nightly routines easier or giving her something nice to look at before tackling the morning rush. Read on for five simple ways you can add some glam and relaxation into your mom’s day-to-day!

  1. Mini Spa
    Give the gift of relaxation on demand: Bundle up a few goodies, like a floral candle, hand cream, and massage ball, and put it in a basket mom can keep by the bedside table. Fuzzy socks and a rich lotion can be paired together for the perfect foot pampering before bed, for example. Add a moisturizing leave-on face mask as a final step in her skincare routine. Just keep it bedside-friendly so it’s convenient as well as luxurious—nothing that requires rinsing, for example, or that would make a mess.
  2. Curtains Down
    For a really good sleep-in, consider upgrading Mom’s curtains. If she has east-facing windows, for example, consider upgrading to blackout curtains that can actually keep her snug long after the sun has risen. Already have blinds? Look for romantic sheer white panels to add a dreamy accent to the room that still lets in the morning sun once it’s time to rise.
  3. A Less Alarming Clock
    Speaking of better mornings, you (or someone else in the family) has probably woken Mom up once or twice with screaming. To make up for that, consider replacing her alarm clock (or blaring cellphone) with something a bit more gentle. You can find alarm clocks that slowly brighten to gently wake you with light and nature sounds, for example. You can also find combo alarm clock/noise machines that make both waking up and falling asleep a little easier.
  4. A Royal Robe
    We all think the mother figures in our lives are royalty, why not make sure she has a robe worthy of her? I’m not talking about a practical terrycloth bathrobe, but something soft and sumptuous she can slip on in the mornings or before bed. Look for high-quality materials like cotton or machine-washable silk and classic patterns. Pair it with a nice pair of slippers for the ultimate morning uniform.
  5. The Full Makeover
    For the woman who has everything (or you just want to give the world to), consider the gift of a matching bedroom set from Georgia Furniture Mart. A coordinating bed, bedside table, and dresser drawers will immediately elevate any space. She can choose from rustic, glam, and antique-inspired sets. If it’s been a while, consider getting a new mattress, too. (GFM has those as well!) Why not surprise her with brunch out and a trip to Georgia Furniture Mart and skip the burnt pancakes and inevitable spilled mimosas at home altogether? Shop Glam Furniture →

And, as always, don’t forget to live beautifully today!

– Mia, the Furniture Girl

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