What is in a couch?

We sit on it every day. We know there are springs, some foam, and wood but what really goes into the construction of a sofa?

Let’s start with the frame. Most sets these days are made of select hardwoods. These frames are either nailed or screwed together to form the structure for your sofa. This is standard among the industry. Underpriced Furniture, for example, does not carry any Livingroom sets without an all hardwood frame.

Springs are what give you support when you sit on your sofa. Most sets are going to have what are called no-sag springs. They provide an even and consistent seat. There are many different types of seating systems that offer greater support and durability. One such system is an 8-way hand tied coil system. This type of coil system features a circular spring system that provides a much more durable and even support system. Those coils are then tied in eight different places to both the surrounding coils and the frame. This prevents shifting from occurring.

It’s all in the foam. Foam cores are the lifeblood of your new sofa. They are your point of contact. They provide both support and comfort. Cushion cores range in density. The higher the density, the better the quality and the more resilient the core. A 2.0 density cushion core for example will last much longer than a 1.4 density core.  Another major upgrade is a pocketed coil cushion core. This adds the feel and longevity of a mattress to your Livingroom set. For customers who want to combine softness with durability, a pocketed coil cushion core may be the answer.

Zippered back cushions are a largely overlooked feature but can greatly extend the life of your furniture. Having back cushions with zipper access allows you to re-stuff the set at will. Not only does this make it easy to rejuvenate the look but also to change the feel. If you need more support, simply add more stuffing. The fills used in these sets are readily available at many department stores as well as craft stores.

As you begin the process of purchasing a new Livingroom set, make sure to know the questions you should ask, as well as the specific features you


  1. Deborah 02/05/2020

    What about down filling in the cushions with the foam, does that add to comfort, longevity, or quality of the couch?


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