Studies show that the average person spends about forty – three percent of their life in bed. About thirty – three percent is spent sleeping while the other ten percent is spent watching TV, reading, on their phones, and surfing the web. If you’re one of these people that spends almost half their life in bed, then isn’t time to ask yourself if you deserve a bed and bedroom fit for a king and queen? If you are like me, then you most definitely do!

When do you upgrade your bed? Ask yourself these simple questions. Is your bed worn out? Is your bedroom outdated? If so, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Per The Better Sleep council, it is recommended to replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years. This recommendation is based on the amount of time you sleep on the mattress and rotate it. With the proper care you may extend the life span. However, if you have reached the limit and your mattress is causing aches and pains and is simply no longer comfortable, then it’s time to stop searching for nicks and knacks on the internet and start researching a suitable mattress for your needs and budget. After several hours of researching and deliberating and you have made your choice, then you can spend your time in looking for a bedroom set that makes you look forward to going to bed. No more fighting sleep.

The easiest way to start is by selecting a color scheme and style. Do you want your bedroom to be contemporary, modern, or traditional? Do you like greys, browns, darks, or lights? If you are unsure of which you prefer you may consider purchasing a simple bedroom set and decorating your room with accessories. However, if you know which look you want, you may bypass the accessories and go straight for your look. Regardless of which way you decide to go, Georgia’s Furniture Mart is always here to help! Below you will find a few options for all your bedroom needs. Now start shopping!

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