-Approvals up to $5,000 Dollars

-Customers may go 10% over any approval they receive.

-Credit Reporting – Acima reports On time payments to the Credit Bureau and helps your customers build their credit.

-90 Day Buyout Option for only $10.00 Dollars

-No Credit Check.  Acima does not impact FICO when a customer applies.

-Early Buyout Discounts (EBO’s) for customers who pay off outside of the 90 day window

-Terms up to 12 months.  18 & 24 months for well-qualified customers

-Customers may immediately access their “Open to Buy” Unused Approval Dollars and open as many additional contracts as they want.


You can apply for a loan at a partner store, in the app, or at To apply for a loan at a partner store:

  1. Fill your cart, then select Affirm at checkout.
  2. Enter your mobile number, then select Continue.
  3. If it’s your first time applying, create an account. If you already have an account, this step is skipped.
  4. Enter the 4-digit PIN just texted to your phone.
  5. See your loan decision.

Wells Fargo Financing

The Nationwide Marketing Group credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. with approved credit. Apply for the Nationwide Marketing Group credit card by selecting the button below.
1. Apply online today.   |    2. Get a response from us right away.    |   3. If qualified, get your new credit card in the mail.

What you’ll need to apply

  • Social Security Number
  • Income information
  • Email address

Plus, by taking advantage of financing, you won’t use up your existing funding sources, like a home equity line of credit, other credit card or bank account. They’ll still be available when you need them. Please contact us to find out which financing options are available to you, or to learn about special financing promotions.



To Apply:

Customer can apply in store, online, or via text message (Text 14110 to 37981) 

Needs a valid ID

At least 18

Income of at least $1000 per month

Checking account open for at least 30 days

A social or tax ID 

Open Accounts:

Application only good for 30 days. 

If the Add Lease button is available, they are able to create a new agreement.

If it is not available customer has to add new items to existing contract, this doesn’t change their 90 days.

How it Works:

All contracts are written for 12 months

There’s a $30 + tax application fee that has to be charged prior to delivery. The card used to pay the app fee with is the secondary form of payment on the account. It doesn’t have to be linked to the customers account for payments. 

Customer gets a minimum payment based off their finance total

Payment frequency is determined based off how customer put they got paid on application. Payment frequency can only be changed through Kornerstone and they need to submit documents showing the pay frequency to be able to change it. 

After receiving their merchandise customer must call into Kornerstone and ask to be put on the 90 day pay off plan, failure to do this results in them not being able to pay off without leasing fees. 

Lease is discounted if the customer pays off before the full 12 months. The sooner they pay off the less they will pay. 


Processing an Application:

Customers are responsible for filling out their own applications

If you put in a new address, they will not be approved.

The amount of money you make does not determine your approval. 

Application Status: 

Approved: They are eligible for an automatic increase, to get additional funds text Ben at Kornerstone

Ineligible: Some of the information put on the application does not match the public record associated with this customer. This includes:

Phone number/address/email/acct info incorrectly typed

Number/address doesn’t belong to the customer

Customer has just moved to the address provided 

Denied: Applications cannot be overturned. 

Once the application is processed the customer needs to pick out their merchandise in order to finish the transaction. 


Returns and exchanges are not allowed unless approved 

Customer is not allowed to pay restock or re-delivery fees on Kornerstone contract. 

Customer can return the merchandise to Kornerstone with no penalties

We are unable to edit contracts after delivery 


If you are a returning customer you can apply through your account.


New customers can apply through our mobile app. Follow the apply now links on this site to begin.

IN STORE REPRESENTATIVE Talk to your customer service rep about our simple in-store application.

To apply you will need:

Social security number or ITIN

Bank account details Credit or debit card To be 18 years or older

Our application process is NO CREDIT NEEDED meaning that our decision to approve you for a lease is based on more than simply your credit score.

To Apply:

Customer needs to be present in the store 

A valid copy of their identification 

Credit/Debit Card as secondary form of ID

Approximately a 670-credit store 

Be at least 18 years old

Open Accounts:

A valid copy of their identification 

A copy of the card if they have it, if not, a copy of a debit/credit card is needed

How it Works:

Customers are given a credit limit based off of their credit score

Months are determined based off the amount financed not the total amount of the invoice. 

The customer will not be billed for their items until after they take possession of their merchandise. 

The bill is received 30-45 days from delivery 

If the customer takes possession of their merchandise on separate dates, it will be billed separately. 

Two different payment plans

0% APR if Paid in Full: Customer will receive a minimum payment based off their total and they have the allotted months to pay off without interest

Equal Payments: The total financed is divided by the total amount of months they have to pay off. 

Customers are required to put 10% down unless approved by a manager. 


Processing an Application:

The customer must fill out the application in its entirety

Verify information and process 

Approved Application:

Contracts can be written for up to the customer’s credit limit. Increases are available if the approved amount is not enough for the customer.

Processing Applications: Call Synchrony to process the application, more than likely they will have to speak with the customer. 

Denied Applications: Customer will receive a letter in 7-10 days explaining the reason for the credit decision

After the Application is Processed:

Regardless of the credit application decision we need to attach the application and ID/credit card to the credit decision and place it in the appropriate folder. 

Fill out the merchant information on the application 

Give Synchrony application packet to the customer


Need the customer’s account information and ID and credit card for EVERY transaction 

The number of financed months on the contract needs to match the information put into STORIS

The term is determined off the balance of the financing after the 10% is taken. 

Customer needs to sign the authorization paperwork 

Financing Packet FOR ALL CUSTOMERS:

Signed Authorization


Delivery Expectations/Policy

Customers account number

Customers Application

ID and credit card information 


Returns and exchanges are allowed 

Customer can finance redelivery and restock fees

Refunds are processed after the transaction is complete. It takes at least one billing cycle for the transaction to fall off, depending on when it was processed. 

Exchanges with a balance get a separate set of months than the previous transaction. 


If a customer cancels their merchandise, please call Synchrony to cancel the authorization.  

If the customer cancels a portion of their merchandise, call into Merchant Services and they will reduce the amount of the transaction. 

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